happy halloween


Oct 31 2011 09:53 am

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what are you guys all doing for halloween? dressing up as anyone?
n' feel free to guess who's who.

edit: Leon n' his cat as Ash n' Pikachu (Pokemon), Ayden as Zack (FFVII), Nyle as John (Homestuck), Amber as Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time).
MegamanZDevil, Oct 31 2011 09:53 am Reply
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Wooow, what! Nice halloween picture ;//0//;

I would've not known the name of who I suppose Amber is dressed up as *looks from sealand* Princess Bubble Gum?
And Leon was easy to spot too :'D he has a really cute pikachu haha///
I'm torn apart trying to figure out who Ayden and Nyle are dressed up as, they've hid all the clues so well! I-I dare say Ayden is John?

I was at home doing stuff, sob
What did you do on halloween Nicki (maybe still are)?

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