Oct 29 2011 07:32 pm

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haha, this going to continue (I was suppose to finish the second page today and upload the two pages together, but my time is running out;;; *goes to sleep*)

sob you've been updating a lot and kept alive this comic Nicki \;v;/ great job! *glomp*
Haruchu, Oct 29 2011 07:38 pm Reply
Advertisement, Nov 12 2019 08:19 am Reply

@Haruchu failed keeping it alive. what are you talking about /updates monthly ahah. can't wait for the next page
@MegamanZDevil: Nonsense! Your monthly updates (what! has it been 3 months already?!) is what kept it alive! Take your credit pro bro *tackle*

I think I should get it out today~
EDIT: I-I meant soon sobbb

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