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Aug 12 2011 05:20 pm

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Hahaha, scary games can be hard to play, even with someone by your side. XD

The first scary game I played was a Resident Evil for PS1(not sure which one, it was a friend's) at night, and it didn't even bother me seeing the zombies until this pudgy fat man yelled at me and locked himself in a safe. WFT?!?!
rofl, I'd love to know what they're playing. <'DDDD
Stop bothering him, Ayden! It's your fault he's not progressing in the game!
I love the expressions, bro ;//v//;

I'm not sure when I played a scary game the last time \*u*/ but I watched Paranormal Activity alone last winter hoho;;

@ Cloud-Kitsune: woah, maybe it hit you later when you realised you weren't safe anymore. Like this is the real deal!
RE1 I remember all too well. I hated it when I was a kid (mainly because I didn't understand it lol)
@Cloud-Kitsune that's for sure. lol what. why'd he do that?
@Haruchu thanks. probably sh or re? n' how was that movie? i've never seen it.
He was afraid of the zombies taking over the town and said he'd lock himself in the safe to not die. XD Yet yelled at me to go OUT THERE and kill them.
@MegamanZDevil: It was pretty ok. A bit like watching a reality-show (I thought it got a bit boring at some parts) but it did get creepy haha

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