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Jun 29 2011 02:16 pm

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this happened to me when i went to my cousins house. her daughters said smth like this but instead of no it was "my mom plays this song a lot."
someone needs to make me Leon's shirt so i can wear it forever.

btw there's a banner
MegamanZDevil, Jun 29 2011 02:16 pm Reply
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I like to play dance central~
Aaaaaaathatbannerrr////<3 it's brilliant! jhgjhg lol their faces *falls over*
awww, poor Leon (and poor you! her mom does! *hugs you* <'DD). I listen to "No Doubt", Ayden has no taste!!
He prefers to listen to Fergie okokIlikehertoo
aaaah bro I love their different hairdo's(?) so cute ;u; PFT *makes you a shirt similiar to Leon's*

@ nijineko: glad you do ! is it similiar to ddr? sob *never tried it*
@haru except dance central uses your whole body http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKiAMlU-E04

ahah i knew you'd like it.
kids these days don't know good music /barkbark
change for the summer. their normal wear looked too winterish

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